Know the Risks and Benefits of Fasting for Pregnant Women

Know the Risks and Benefits of Fasting for Pregnant Women

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The benefits of fasting for pregnant women can be obtained if the condition of pregnant women and fetuses is healthy and it is possible to fast. Nevertheless, Pregnant Women is still advised to consult an obstetrician first before deciding to fast.

This is because fasting during pregnancy can increase the risk of health problems, such as anemia and dehydration.

Risks of Fasting While Pregnant

The gestational age of the first trimester is a very important period for the growth and development of the fetus, because it is in this period that fetal organs begin to form. Therefore, pregnant women need to meet their nutritional needs well in order to support the growth of the fetus.

If food and beverage intake is limited due to fasting, pregnant women who undergo a first trimester pregnancy are feared to be more at risk of giving birth to a baby under normal weight or giving birth prematurely.

In addition, there are several other health problems that can be at risk when pregnant women are fasting, including:

  • The body feels limp
  •  Headaches
  •  Stomach acid rises
  •  Dehydration
  •  Dizziness
  •  Faint

Although there are various risks of fasting in the first trimester, it does not mean that pregnant women are prohibited from fasting. Fasting while pregnant is permissible, as long as the pregnant woman and the fetus are in good health and have sufficient weight.

To ensure the condition of pregnant women and fetuses remain healthy when fasting, simply intake nutritious food when breaking the fast and suhoor to keep the pregnancy healthy.

Benefits of Fasting for Pregnant Women

The benefits of fasting for pregnant women are not much different from the benefits obtained by people fasting in general. These benefits include:

1. Controlling weight while pregnant
Pregnant women often feel hungry faster so it can increase the risk of gaining weight significantly. When fasting, eating can only be done in the afternoon and evening. Thus, weight gain while pregnant can be more controlled.

2. Improve the metabolism of the body
The benefits of fasting for pregnant women are believed to improve the metabolism of the body. When fasting, the cells in the body will clean up the remnants of impurities and improve disturbances in the body's metabolic system.

3. Reduce the risk of diabetes
Fasting can lower blood sugar levels in the body and improve insulin performance. The benefits of fasting can make pregnant women at lower risk of diabetes.

4. Maintain heart health
Fasting can reduce the risk of a number of diseases in pregnant women, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease. However, the benefits of fasting in pregnant women still need further research.

After knowing the risks and benefits of fasting during pregnancy, Pregnant Women may decide whether to keep fasting or not.

For the record, remember not to force yourself to fast when bumil or fetal conditions are not possible, and always consult a doctor to ensure the safety of fasting while pregnant.

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