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Pregnant Women Drink Coffee, Safe Or Dangerous?

Pregnant Women Drink Coffee, Safe Or Dangerous?

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about Pregnant Women Drink Coffee, Safe Or Dangerous?, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

Actually, not only coffee needs to be limited by pregnant women, but also other foods and drinks that contain caffeine. Examples of foods or beverages containing caffeine, namely chocolate, soft drinks and tea. In addition, caffeine is also usually added to flu medications and energy drinks. Pay attention to whatever mother consumes and read information about the content listed on the packaging.

Risks of Drinking Coffee in Pregnant Women

Generally, drinking too much coffee can cause symptoms of anxiety, addiction, insomnia, a beating heart, indigestion, high blood pressure, frequent peeing, migraines and tremors. In addition, caffeine in coffee can penetrate the placenta of pregnant women and can have an impact on the fetus being conceived.

Some of the risks of drinking coffee in pregnant women and fetuses include:

Pregnant women experience gastric acid reflux

  1.     Anemia
  2.     Miscarriage
  3.     Babies born with low weight
  4.     Baby born

What is the Ideal Dosage For Pregnant Women?

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The maximum limit of caffeine consumption for pregnant women in a day is 200 mg or about two cups of instant coffee. Therefore, pay attention to the caffeine content in tea, coffee, chocolate and other foods listed on the packaging label. Do not allow caffeine consumption to exceed the tolerance limit in pregnant women.

Here are the common amounts of caffeine in foods and beverages:

  •     60-200 mg caffeine in one cup of brewed coffee.
  •     140 mg of caffeine in one cup of filtered coffee.
  •     100 mg of caffeine in one cup of instant coffee.
  •     40 mg of caffeine in one bottle of soda.
  •     75 mg of caffeine in one cup of tea.
  •     25-50 mg caffeine in 50 g of chocolate

If you have a habit of consuming more than two cups of coffee per day before pregnancy, you should reduce your coffee consumption slowly from the beginning of pregnancy. To replace the habit of pregnant women drinking coffee, try to consume refreshing healthy drinks such as various fruit juices, vegetable juices, coconut water, or infused water. If necessary, ask the doctor to know the amount of coffee that is allowed, according to the condition of mother's pregnancy.

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