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How to Get Pregnant - Don't Try Too Hard, Here is the Secret to Reverse Infertility the Natural Way


Here is the Secret to Reverse Infertility the Natural Way

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about How to Get Pregnant - Don't Try Too Hard, Here is the Secret to Reverse Infertility the Natural Way, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

Getting pregnant could sometimes be hard - especially if you are focused on the preconception part. This is where most couples fail to focus on when they finally decide that they want to have a baby. They don't think about the most enjoyable part (otherwise known as making love) because they only think that they must do the deed in order to have the woman pregnant.

However, getting pregnant all starts with both parties as a couple, and never really with one party's desire to get pregnant. Once you've set yourself in the mood, in the comfort of each other's company, everything else follows. Once you've finally decided to build your own family or to add on to your brood, read on. Here are some tips on how to get pregnant the natural way.

o    Consider visiting an OB-GYN together. If you have tried to make love without visiting the doctor in the past, but you were not successful, perhaps a check-up would do you good. An obstetrician-gynecologist can help you determine if you need to be on special supplements to get pregnant, or if you have to take some vitamins. She or he can also check for any problems that you might have which may be reasons for not being pregnant. Moreover, a check-up can also show if you would be a healthy pregnant woman. If not, he or she can always give some advice on the best ways for you two to have your own baby. By having this check-up, you'd also see if you are fit to be pregnant, and that there won't be any risks for your would-be baby or for you should the pregnancy push through. Always check with your doctor and you would have peace of mind.

o    If you're a woman, keep those pills inside the medicine cabinet. It's the same for him. Of course, if you finally decide to get pregnant, you should stop all birth-control methods. With the pill, it's best to stop it a month or two before your plan to conceive because it may still have some effects on your body for the next weeks. Don't expect to stop taking it today, and then get pregnant tomorrow. Get yourself into 'mommy shape' first before assuming to be a mom - and the thing should go with the dad.

o    After a visit to the OB-Gynecologist, most couples make love on their own. The best way to do this is to stop trying too hard to make a baby. This goes for couples who do everything just for the sake of how to get pregnant. It is called making love because it needs passion and connection between both parties - not just mere sex which was all planned because you just want to have your own child. Let it flow - and let it happen; regardless of where you two may be.

o    Find some time to go on a vacation together. Stress and work can just worsen things up, and that even includes the TV set inside your room. Go out, go to the beach, have fun, and feel like you two have just started out as a couple. By getting all excited about being with each other and feeling that intimacy between the two of you, you'd have better love sessions together without any stress. Stress itself can be a big hindrance for the two of you. Therefore, do everything to get away from it.

o    Setting the mood is sometimes all you need. Do away with those candles or romantic music. Sometimes, the spontaneity is enough to get you both in the baby-making mood. Cook up a dinner for him, or do it the other way around and prepare something special for her. Connect with each other once more. Watch a movie while you're both cuddled up with each other. Look at the things that you've loved about her, and look at the way he sleeps beside you. The key to being one together is to appreciate each other. It would be impossible to stage everything just to be in the mood because you simply have to be encompassed by it. Let yourself be taken away in each other's arms, forget the world and simply slip into your own bliss under the sheets - or maybe even on the couch.

o    Be teenagers once more. So what if people think that you are too sweet? Send each other love notes saying how much you want to be with each other right in the middle of the day. Make each other crave for each other's company that when you both go home, you just both want to be in the bed together.

o    Stop thinking that you are doing everything on how to get pregnant. Start thinking that you are doing these things because you love each other. You make love because you want to make love since you both feel united and good when you do that. You don't have to think about 'I should be pregnant,' or 'I should get her pregnant' while you both get it on. Keeping those thoughts in your mind would just make you feel pressured and stressed.

o    Do away with stress and all negative feelings because they have a great impact on both of your reproductive systems and can be a factor for not getting pregnant. Aren't you sometimes surprised that those who try hard to be pregnant are the ones who are not getting pregnant, while those who simply enjoy making love or who don't try hard are the ones who are getting pregnant? It's because of the fact that they enjoy and they don't try to be pregnant. Once you set your mind away from that, you'd be surprised about how spontaneous and unexpected the baby would come into your life.

Finding the right method on how to get pregnant to have a healthy baby of your own can be the most fulfilling and the happiest moment of your life as a couple. Although most couples decide to be alone on the first year of their marriage, an additional member of the family ensures a loving relationship together. The pregnancy could also secure you as a couple, and you'd realize that it would be a great chapter in both of your lives.

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