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Is It Normal to Have Diarrhea During Pregnancy?

Is It Normal to Have Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about Is It Normal to Have Diarrhea During Pregnancy?, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

Many women have sensitivities to certain foods while pregnant but don't know it until they eat them because they never had an issue with them before. This could be that baby doesn't care for these things so he tries to expel it from your body as quickly as possible. If you have diarrhea that persists for more than a couple of days, you should talk to your health care provider as something serious could be happening.

Many women say that they get diarrhea right before they go into labor. This is natures way of clearing out your system before you give birth. It is a common thing to happen that when in labor, you push so hard that you may poop on the delivery table. If there is nothing in your system, that is less likely to happen. This is probably the best time to get diarrhea while you are pregnant, it saves some embarrassment, when there is already a huge amount of that going on.

Women whom are pregnant are more susceptible to getting viruses and the stomach flu. If you do get diarrhea while pregnant and it comes on suddenly and ferociously but subsides within twenty four hours or so, then it is more than likely the stomach flu.

Diarrhea and Pregnancy

If you are expecting and have just come across this topic on the net about Diarrhea and pregnancy then do not get tensed. It is normal, though it increases the pain and in a state like that it is indeed disgusting to even have a thought of it. However do not get tensed because it's normal and is for quite a short span. Usually your doctor will inform you about it's occurrence from before and will suggest medicines too which will help in curing it. If the diarrhea does not get cured in a single day and gets worse with time then immediately consult the doctor. Pregnancy is a very delicate stage and you need to take some extra care of yourself during this period so to avoid diarrhea during pregnancy the first and utmost thing to be kept in mind is to follow a proper diet. You might feel like having different things at this time and some might just not suit your system and would lead to diarrhea.

Normally even though you had no hassles with food but during this time your system become sensitive and it cannot take in some food. Therefore precaution is the best check you can do. There is a list of food that is recommended in books and also your doctor might have given you a diet chart, do follow that to have a less painful pregnancy. Keep away from spicy and extra fat food, if you have a sensitive stomach then it's better if you avoid milk products also. Diarrhea or no diarrhea does not consume alcohol or any other drink which is contaminated during this period. Eat healthy food that would provide more water to your system because the best cure for all types of illness is water.

During pregnancy there is change in the hormone system and the chemical composition of the body also changes, due to these changes diarrhea occurs. Normal diarrhea during pregnancy is common but if you find stool or blood that along then immediately call the doctor because it is definitely a serious matter of concern. Food containing too much starch is bad for you during this period, so avoid rice, bread and also potatoes. Once you get constipated take efforts to see that it does not get repeated by taking the necessary precautions.

If diarrhea is followed by pain and fever then contact your doctor and check it at the initial stage. Same goes with weakness and mucous in stool. this is the most sensitive stage and along with you there is another life breathing within you and you need to take care of it also. It is better to take steps to see that diarrhea does not occur rather than learning it after suffering from it. Therefore the steps one should take to avoid diarrhea is well balanced diet. At times consuming too much of medicines is also a cause of diarrhea  because they contain high levels of iron and vitamins. However complimenting the medicines with proper amount of water can put a check on diarrhea.

Understanding Diarrhea and Pregnancy

While it is commonly known that most women will experience some kind of digestive problems while pregnant, the most common stereotype includes the nausea and vomiting of morning sickness. Constipation is also experienced by a great many pregnant women. Though it is less prevalent, diarrhea in pregnancy does occur fairly often, and can be serious if not treated correctly. The many changes your body undergoes during pregnancy can make it difficult to deal with multiple conditions and symptoms at one time, but it can be done.

While Diarrhea and pregnancy are not considered as common as other problems like heartburn and constipation usually get more attention. While constipation can be a real problem, you need to be careful that your treatment of it doesn't swing your digestive system too far in the opposite direction. You might combat constipation by increasing your fiber intake, but if you consume too much, it could loosen your stool significantly, resulting in diarrhea in pregnancy.

It's important to understand that diarrhea and pregnancy don't have to go together. If you watch your diet carefully, and treat your constipation properly, you might never have a problem. If you do suffer from it, be sure to take it seriously. Diarrhea in pregnancy can result in severe dehydration and if severe enough, could lead to pre-term labor.

So, what is the best way to avoid diarrhea in pregnancy? First, pay close attention to your diet. If you are consuming a lot of fiber, try to balance it with foods that aren't perhaps quite as bulky. Eating some yogurt every day can also help keep the balance of helpful bacteria in your digestive tract, keeping your stools healthy and regular. Diarrhea can also be brought on by stress, as are many other bothersome pregnancy conditions, so try to keep your stress level low. You can do this by taking some time out to relax every day, get exercise and get plenty of sleep.

If in spite of your best efforts, diarrhea in pregnancy occurs anyway, be sure to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water. Eat foods that are easily digested and low in fiber, like white rice and meat broths. If at all possible, continue to take your daily vitamins and minerals, so they can replace what is leaching out with each bout of diarrhea.

Diarrhea in pregnancy can be extremely serious if left untreated, so if you experience it severely for more than a day, get in touch with your doctor. It is important for you to become healthy again as quickly as possible, and have your body's equilibrium restored as soon as possible. Severe diarrhea, if it is prolonged, can be very hard on the fetus, and you don't want to expose your baby to danger any longer than is necessary.

Even though it may seem difficult at times, just do your best to stay healthy, keep your stress level down, and don't hesitate to call for help if you feel unable to cope with a serious condition yourself.

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