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When Do You Know Your Pregnant - Here Are 7 Clues

When Do You Know Your Pregnant - Here Are 7 Clues

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When a woman is trying to become pregnant, she might wonder when she will know she is pregnant. She might read the internet, pregnancy books, pamphlets and talk to friends who've been pregnant in the past to see when their symptoms started, when they noticed or how they knew they were pregnant.

While most women know they are pregnant when they take a positive pregnancy test, other women simply know when they are pregnant, even without the answer on a pregnancy test. This is called intuition and it's a very real and powerful part of a woman's psyche.

When Do You Know Your Pregnant

If you want to know the answer to the question, "When do you know your pregnant?" you should start paying close attention to your body. Every woman is different and it's often hard to say if one woman will know she is pregnant because of the same things as other women. However, there are a few early clues that might help you understand that you are pregnant even before you take a pregnancy test.


Some women are so in tune with their bodies, they will begin to avoid things that are not good for their pregnant state even before they find out they are pregnant. When do you know your pregnant is a question with many different answers. However, you might know you are pregnant before you take a test if you notice that you suddenly no longer want a cocktail with dinner, if you think sushi sounds terrible and you're suddenly very skeptical about participating in that zip-lining adventure you have going on this weekend - even if these are things you've always loved.

Aversions or Cravings

Another way you might find the answer to the question, "When do you know your pregnant?" is by noticing your eating habits. Do you suddenly find yourself completely disgusted by your favorite foods or craving foods you don't normally eat, such as overly salty French fries or ice cream morning, noon, and night? Cravings and aversions are common in early pregnancy and you might know you're pregnant as soon as you notice that your eating habits have changed.

Tender Breasts

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One of the most common ways women know they are pregnant is changes in their breasts. Many women notice that they become heavier and fuller and that they are so tender even a shirt or bra makes them ache. While it's normal to have a little sensitivity prior to your period's arrival, this type of tenderness is much more severe and much more painful. If you notice this in the week or two leading up to your period, you might be pregnant and it might be all you need to know it without a doubt.


Yet another common symptom of pregnancy is extreme fatigue. This is a symptom that begins early and lasts for a while. If you suddenly feel so tired you cannot keep your eyes open, you might know you're pregnant. This hits long before the results of an at-home pregnancy test will tell you that you're pregnant, so be prepared to find out or at least suspect pregnancy before too long.


This might be the biggest reason women know they are pregnant long before they take a pregnancy test. If you suddenly start vomiting, feeling extreme nausea, and you're running to the bathroom every five seconds to vomit, you might be experiencing morning sickness. Of course, if you've ever been pregnant before or you ask another mother, you will know that morning sickness is a bad name for this kind of nausea. It happens all day. You might feel sick all day, in the afternoons only, only in the evenings or just in the mornings. It might come and go for a few days, allow you to feel great for a few more and then hit you again with a vengeance just when you think it's gone away.

Sensitivity to Smell

Many women know they are pregnant when they realize they can tell what their husband's had for lunch while he's pulling his car into the garage after arriving home from work. When your own perfume, lotion, body wash, and even deodorant make you feel sick, it could indicate that you are pregnant. You might not feel sick because of these smells, but you will notice that they seem far more noticeable than ever before.


The truth is that the only way to know for sure that you are pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test, go to the doctor, or have your blood tested for pregnancy. However, you might know you're pregnant earlier than that based on these symptoms. Some women experience all of the above and some women experience none. Others experience a combination of just a few. There's no way to tell what you will experience when you are pregnant until you actually experience it.

However, if you are experiencing a combination of these symptoms, chances are good that you might instinctively know you are expecting a child. All women are different. If you're particularly in tune with your body, you might just know a lot sooner than other women. If you're not really in tune with your own body, you might not know you're pregnant until you take a pregnancy test and the results are right there for you to read. Don't feel discouraged if you don't know until you take that test.

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