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Are Weighted Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Weighted Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about Are Weighted Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

A lot of pregnant women suffer from sleep issues during various stages of pregnancy. consistent with the National Sleep Foundation, a 1998 poll showed that the maximum amount as 78% of girls reported an increased level of disturbed sleep during pregnancy than they faced while not pregnant. This is often a serious issue considering how important sleep can be during pregnancy.

After all, there's tons of evidence that points to an increased risk of pregnancy complications when women don't get sufficient sleep during pregnancy. This is sensible considering you're "sleeping for 2 ." a number of the most important things which will negatively impact your ability to sleep while pregnant is incessant worrying and increased stress levels. this will be caused by hormone fluctuation and a variety of other things.

A weighted blanket can convince help reduce stress and anxiety and re-direct worrying through deep pressure stimulation. due to this, it can have an immediate and positive impact on a pregnant woman's ability to sleep. When sticking with an equivalent general recommendation of keeping the weighted blanket at 7% to 12% of your total weight , it should not be unsafe.

However, thanks to various complications that would happen during pregnancy, it's important to debate the utilization of a weighted blanket with a medical professional. That way, they will tell you whether or not it might be completely safe to use during pregnancy.

Sleep Better During Pregnancy With a Weighted Blanket
Sleeping during pregnancy prepares you for sleepless nights with newborns - approximately some think. In other words, it’s elusive. And why shouldn’t it be? While pregnant, a woman’s body is appropriated by a sweet and undoubtedly perfect little human who kicks and squirms at ungodly hours. to not mention, it’s nearly impossible to urge comfortable thereupon growing pregnant belly tempting gravity if she tries to lie on her side. We won’t even mention the neverending trips to the toilet .

Since weighted blankets deliver a relaxing feeling of relaxation, there's a far better chance of uninterrupted sleep. While not guaranteed, any length of sleep is best than tossing and slowly turning over - perhaps with the assistance of a partner?
Stay Cool With While Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket
Oh, pregnancy hormones. They aren’t very fun for several reasons, one among them being that they will cause you to urge uncomfortably hot while sleeping. Everyone knows being uncomfortable while trying to catch some Z’s is magnificently UN-fun. Still, once you add within the irritation of being hugely (feeling anyway) pregnant and uncomfortable overall from time to time, it can bring a reasonably cranky lady.

Dialing down the temperature gauge is one more reason why specific weighted blankets are excellent for ladies during pregnancy. However, it’s crucial to notice that not all weighted blankets are created equal.

Unlike other weighted blankets that overly warm you while you sleep, causing excessive heat and irritation, our cooling weighted blankets actually help regulate your blood heat , especially during the summer season. The cooling blanket’s breathable materials pull body heat and moisture faraway from the body to attenuate overheating.

Our cooling weighted blankets even have a removable cover to assist them become even more cooling and breathable. Some so-called “cooling weighted blankets” are made from 100% cotton, so BEWARE. Cotton tends to soak up moisture, causing you to feel hot and sticky. Instead, search for cooling weighted blankets with a microfiber inner blanket for maxim wicking and temperature regulation and a light-weight , breathable cover.

Reasons to Use a Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

Before diving into the security of employing a weighted blanket pregnant, it's helpful to know the explanations to use such a blanket during pregnancy. A weighted blanket could also be especially beneficial during pregnancy, when sleep disturbances are rather common. In fact, consistent with a review of multiple studies, almost half pregnant women experience poor sleep quality, especially during the trimester . A weighted blanket are often a tool to deal with sleep disturbances in order that pregnant women can get the remainder they have .

Sleep is vital during any stage of life, but during pregnancy, it's going to be more so than ever. In fact, research shows that ladies who experience sleep disturbances during pregnancy are more likely to develop pre-eclampsia, high vital sign , and gestational diabetes; they're also more likely to experience stillbirth or give birth to babies that are especially large for his or her fetal age . employing a weighted blanket to market healthy sleep can protect the health of both mother and baby.

The Bottom Line on employing a Weighted Blanket Pregnant

For women who struggle with sleep during pregnancy, employing a weighted blanket can provide a natural remedy for sleep problems. While this will be an answer , a weighted blanket will work for everybody , and you ought to consult a doctor before employing a weighted blanket pregnant, especially if you've got concerns about overheating. Fortunately, there are weighted blankets that employment well for decent sleepers, which may be a priority during pregnancy.

For those that do choose a weighted blanket during pregnancy, Aricove offers a bamboo weighted blanket that's naturally cooling to stay you comfortable throughout the night. we've a ten lb weighted blanket for adults, also as various other weight options to satisfy everyone’s needs. If you’re concerned about adding an excessive amount of weight, we've many options to permit you to seek out the perfect weight for your blanket, which is a crucial a part of choosing a weighted blanket.

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