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7 Benefits of Using a Weight Blanket While Pregnant

7 Benefits of Using a Weight Blanket While Pregnant

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about 7 Benefits of Using a Weight Blanket While Pregnant, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

A weighted blanket is no ordinary blanket; It is made of soft cotton that is filled with fillings like pearls and pellets that add extra weight. It promises to give you the feeling of a huge hug brought on by the extra weight, which is between 4 and 25 pounds.

The next question on your mind will surely be, "Is a weighted blanket too heavy for a pregnant woman like me?" The answer is no. When choosing a weighted blanket, keep in mind that it should make up at least 10% of your total body weight to get the full benefit. It is also recommended that you double-check the weighted blanket weight chart to make sure you are getting the correct size for your body weight.

7 Benefits of Using a Weight Blanket While Pregnant

If you want to combat your fear of pregnancy, nausea and sleep disorders drug-free, a weight blanket is the perfect natural therapy for you. Below are some weighted blanket facts and benefits that you should know before investing one for yourself:

1. Deep touch pressure
The weighted blanket promotes Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) therapy. It's the science of gently putting pressure on the body to increase the production of serotonin - a body chemical that helps with relaxation.

A deep touch generally creates a tactile sensitivity in the form of hugs, cuddles, and firm strokes. The general benefits of deep touch pressure include: better quality of sleep, increased happiness, clearer focus, calming, calming, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved ability to deal with stressful situations.

2. Helps reduce anxiety and stress
Due to the rise in hormone levels and fear of the unknown; Mothers tend to worry about many things related to pregnancy. Anxiety is the constant feeling of fear, nervousness, and concern about the baby's health, safety, and future.

The extra weight that comes with a 20 lb blanket also serves as a therapeutic way to relieve anxiety and discomfort during pregnancy. Many blanket weighted reviews claimed they helped them stay calm and alleviate their pregnancy anxiety and stress levels.

3. Helps reduce pregnancy swelling
Swelling is one of the most expected changes in a woman's body during pregnancy. With the new life inside you, your body produces 50% more blood and body fluids than usual. It usually occurs during the 5th month through the last month of the 3rd trimester.

Aside from foods rich in potassium, a weight blanket will also help reduce swelling during pregnancy. Regular exposure to the pressure of a weighted blanket will help reduce inflammation and swelling in the feet, legs, and hands.

4. Provides better sleep
Sleep disorders are already a challenge during pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, the sleep disorder can be linked to an uncomfortable sleeping position, unlimited nightly visits to the toilet, heartburn, shortness of breath, and stress.

With the help of a weighted blanket, expectant mothers can now achieve a better quality of sleep. Because it gives a relaxing feeling; There is a small chance that sleep will be interrupted.

5. Cooling weighted blanket
There is also a variant called a cooling weighted blanket with a cooling effect, which helps to adjust to the temperature, especially during the summer season. It is made of breathable materials so you don't break a sweat in the middle of the night. Some cooling weight blankets even have the option of removing the cotton cover if you want to snuggle up on hot summer nights.

During pregnancy, women experience increased body heat due to hormonal changes. This is also the reason why some pregnant women are easily irritated due to the uncomfortable feeling of the body temperature. The cooling weight blanket is perfect for giving pregnant women a relaxing atmosphere without the discomfort of excessive sweating.

6. It's drug free
Pregnancy makes you more cautious about your food intake and other things that you associate with your body. You need to be more careful about toxic chemicals that can affect your baby's development. Because of this, a weight blanket is a perfect aid to relaxation compared to taking medication, which can cause side effects in your unborn child.

However, you should also bear in mind that while weighted blankets can be an excellent aid to relaxation and sleep, they are not therapeutic. It should not be a complete substitute for necessary medication that you have used throughout pregnancy.

7. Take away food
It's safe to say that pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sometimes you are at your peak and happiest and sometimes you are at your lowest point. You can move on from that excellent baby to the ugly part of morning sickness, swelling, and hormonal changes.

Nobody said it would be easy, and there is no easy way to get through the life-changing nine months of having a human life. Good thing there are now weighted blankets to alleviate and ease some of these pregnancy challenges.

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