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Are Weighted Blankets Safe to Use While Pregnant?

Are Weighted Blankets Safe to Use While Pregnant?

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about Are Weighted Blankets Safe to Use While Pregnant?, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

As a mom, you want the best for your baby, even when she is still in the womb! This means that you want to stay away from over-the-counter medications and other over-the-counter medications that may affect the growing fetus. So how do you deal with discomfort such as nausea, anxiety and insomnia at this stage?

The answer is through natural and alternative treatments! They work naturally and offer long-term benefits without the annoying side effects of prescription drugs. Massage, aromatherapy, herbal remedies and meditation are therapies that relax muscles, rejuvenate the body and alleviate the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy.

Weighted blankets are increasingly used as a natural means of relaxation. These blankets are designed to offer the benefits of deep pressure sensory therapy (DPT) and are especially popular with pregnant women who have difficulty sleeping. The extra weight in these blankets works at a therapeutic level to alleviate the many side effects and discomfort during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time when you need extra care and support in all respects. If using a natural product can provide extra comfort, you may want to give it a try. If you are planning to buy a weighted blanket or want to know more about the possible use of these blankets during pregnancy.

The positive effects of a quality weighted blanket are obvious, and because doctors give them the green light to use during pregnancy, there is no reason why pregnant women should not reap the benefits. Here's how a weighted blanket can be useful.

 Reducing Inflammation

A common side effect of pregnancy is swelling of the legs and hands, due to the fact that a woman’s body produces almost 50% more fluid during this time, particularly during the final four months. A quality weighted blanket can help to reduce inflammation and swelling thanks to the gentle, even pressure it exerts on the body as you sleep. Think peaceful sighs and no more achy, swollen feet – pure bliss.

 Alleviating Anxiety and Stress

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the many life changes that occur during pregnancy, despite a woman’s best efforts to stay calm and relaxed. For first-time mothers especially, the fear of the unknown, increased hormone production, worrying about the baby’s health, and the anticipation of motherhood can cause anxiety and stress levels to rise.

Many pregnant women have reported that weighted blankets help to alleviate these feelings, and this is no coincidence. The science behind it comes from something called Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) Therapy.

The gentle pressure of a weighted blanket is proven to stimulate the body’s serotonin production, due to the brain associating this feeling with being hugged, cuddled, and comforted. Serotonin is a chemical found in the body that helps with relaxation and melatonin production, helping to soothe your racing thoughts, promote peaceful sleep, slow down your breathing, and allow you to find rest and calm.

 Relief from Restless Legs Syndrome

Nearly a third of pregnant women will experience restless legs syndrome (RLS) during pregnancy. This condition can affect sleep quality, as the “itchy” or “pulling” sensation associated with it triggers an overwhelming urge to move your legs, often causing the sleeper to wake up in the middle of the night.  

Whilst there are medicines used to treat restless legs syndrome, many pregnant women prefer a more natural solution such as a weighted blanket, which studies have found can help to significantly reduce RLS symptoms.

 Our Weighted Blanket Recommendations

When choosing the right weighted blanket for you, one thing to bear in mind is exactly how heavy you want your blanket to be; sleep experts recommend choosing a blanket that is roughly 10% of a person’s body weight, for maximum comfort. When it comes to future mamas, doctors advise that this calculation should be based around pre-pregnancy weight, as opposed to an increased pregnancy weight.

With a wide choice of 10lb, 15lb, 20lb or 35lb throws in three beautiful and calm colors including off white, purple haze and cloud gray, Sunday Citizen has you covered. Our weighted blankets are made with an extraordinarily soft and cozy fabric that will leave you as comfortable as a pregnant bug on a carpet. With the holistic energy of crystals, including naturally soothing amethyst, clear healing quartz and rose quartz to promote feelings of harmony, trust and love, get ready for the most restful sleep of your life

Weighted blankets can make this stage easier and more comfortable for you. Designed to mimic the benefits of deep pressure touch therapy, these blankets can relieve pain, reduce stress levels, and help you sleep better and longer. Under the guidance of your doctor, weighted blankets can offer multiple benefits at every stage of pregnancy and can be a great companion on this journey.

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