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Can You Get a Tattoo on Your Arm While Pregnant

Can You Get a Tattoo on Your Arm While Pregnant

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Perhaps you were thinking of reminding yourself of that special time in your life by getting a tattoo, or you may have concerns about existing tattoos during pregnancy. Most of the time, you just want everything to be safe for you and your baby. This information will be helpful to you as you take care of your pre-existing tattoos and decide whether or not to get tattooed while you are pregnant.

Tattoos During Pregnancy: First Things First - SAFETY

Make sure your tattoo artist followed or has followed these guidelines:

  1.     You are a registered doctor (if your state registers tattoo artists).
  2.     You will always wear gloves during the procedure.
  3.     You have an autoclave (sterilization unit for sterilizing devices).
  4.     The floors and surfaces are all clean.
  5.     All needles used are new, single-use needles and are for single use only.
  6.     The dressings are sterile, packaged and unopened.
  7.     The dyes or ink used for the tattoo are also packaged sterile and unopened.
  8.     In the event of problems, the artist is available for the first 24 hours. (Check with artist availability if you run into issues in the days and months to come).

If you get a tattoo and question the practices of the facility you did it in, get tested for hepatitis, HIV, and syphilis.

Can you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Regardless of how much you want fresh ink, it is not recommended to do so while you are pregnant. "Some of the risks are infections and allergic reactions," says Sperling. "Also, when you're pregnant, your hormones change, which can affect the healing of your skin."

Michaelle Fiore of Beaver Tattoo in Woodhaven, Queens agrees, noting that tattooing while pregnant can cause emotional stress as well as physical harm. She notes that reducing stress is important during pregnancy, but getting a tattoo could actually put your body in a more stressful state. Additionally, in some states, due to extreme safety concerns, it is even illegal to get a tattoo while you are pregnant.

 Are There Problems With Getting A Tattoo Before Pregnancy?

If you have chosen not to get tattooed while pregnant, your concerns may be more about the ink you have before pregnancy. Fortunately, existing tattoos don't have a negative impact on pregnancy - as long as they're properly cared for. Sperling says the most important thing is to make sure your ink is completely healed.

"You have to give the tattoo the right time to heal," she urges. "Otherwise you could experience additional discomfort during childbirth."

In terms of the integrity of your ink, pregnancy is unlikely to affect what an existing tattoo will look like. A hip or thigh tattoo can warp easily, but not to the extent that it ruins the design. People who get tattooed before their pregnancy can also see some cosmetic changes like pigmentation on or around your designs. Stretch marks or excess skin during and after pregnancy are also common, but Fiore promises that those natural parts of your body that are changing won't mess with your ink. However, she adds that every body is different and there is no way of knowing exactly how pregnancy will change a tattoo.

“The human body is a wonderful thing, and we have the ability to snap back after birth,” says Fiore.
Final thoughts

While you may have an urgent desire to get inked while you are pregnant, medical professionals and tattoo artists alike agree that it is best for you and your unborn baby to wait until after the birth. Tattoos are supposed to be a fun way to express yourself, but getting tattooed while pregnant ultimately has the potential to do a lot of damage - and it's no fun at all.

"Tattoos are an optional cosmetic treatment with potential risks that should be avoided, especially during pregnancy," confirms Sperling.

Fiore repeats these feelings and urges expectant mothers to simply wait until after the pregnancy is over to make sure their immune systems are working 100 percent and the risk of harm is significantly reduced or even eliminated.

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