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5 Benefits of Squats During Pregnancy

5 Benefits of Squats During Pregnancy

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about 5 Benefits of Squats During Pregnancy, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

It's no secret that exercise during pregnancy is good for both you and your baby. It can reduce some of your symptoms, such as pain, improve blood circulation, control weight gain and help you sleep.

"Exercise is extremely useful in preparing the body for childbirth, childbirth and the postpartum period," says Amanda DeGrace, a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor who specializes in pre- and postpartum recovery. In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women engage in aerobic activity for 150 minutes a week.

However, not all workouts are safe during all nine months of pregnancy, so it's only natural to question whether certain exercises, such as barbells, crunches or squats, are really safe during pregnancy. Good news? Squats are safe for most people during pregnancy.

Why Are Squats Safe?

"Squats are extremely safe for most pregnant people, and also highly recommended," says DeGrace, because they can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Squats also improve hip mobility and improve blood circulation to your whole body—all things that help prepare your body for labor.

"Squatting is an actual birthing position," says Carrie Pagliano, physical therapist and spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. Some people end up squatting during birth because it helps open up their hips and relieves pain and pressure on their back.

"Squats are functional movements. We have to squat to sit on a toilet or pick up items off the floor," she says. "They shouldn't be fearful movements."

Can I Do Squats while Pregnant?

Yes, you can do squats while pregnant and they are good for you. BUT only if you do them right. As with all exercise during pregnancy, please get your doctor's approval first.

I have included five of the best squatting during pregnancy exercises below. Many of these are also included in my online workout videos. Also, I want you to watch this video below. You will learn how to perform squats with the right technique to keep both you and baby safe.

Is it Safe to Squat while Pregnant?

Yes, absolutely. They are one of my favourite exercises as they help to strengthen your core and your legs. When you have a strong core you will experience a more empowering pregnancy and childbirth.

In pregnancy, squats are a great way to maintain strength and range of motion in the core, hips, glutes, and pelvic floor muscles. When performed correctly, squats can help improve posture, and they will assist you during labor.

Squatting Technique is Important
When you learn how to squat correctly it will help you throughout your pregnancy and also postpartum recovery.

When you weren't pregnant you may have performed squats in the gym using weights. As a fitness trainer I can say that squats are an ideal compound exercise. Squats work so many different body parts.

Now you're pregnant, you can definitely benefit from squatting as long as you take appropriate precautions as I have outlined in this post and also my training video.

5 Benefits of Doing Squats while Pregnant

1. Strengthen your legs.
Having strong legs is important for all stages of your life. They are your foundation. Having strong legs when pregnant are important to help carry the additional weight you put on. Strong legs also assist you with various birthing positions.

2. Strengthen your glutes.
Strong glutes provide you with similar benefits to having strong legs. These muscles also help to prevent lower back injuries.

3. Improve your lower body mobility.
Being more mobile is an advantage in many ways. From moving when pregnant, to being able to move better when you are carrying or picking up your newborn baby.

4. Keep your bones and joints healthy.
Strength training leads to stronger bones. This is very important to you especially for later on in life. This applies to most weight-bearing activities.

5. Prepare your body for labor and delivery.
When you participate in your antenatal classes you will soon discover that some of the birthing positions being taught to you require strength in your legs.

If you are physically prepared for childbirth then your experience will be a more positive one.

I am constantly hearing from our members how one of the greatest benefits of my program comes when they need it most - during labour!

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