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Can I Eat Pineapple Every Day While Pregnant

Can I Eat Pineapple Every Day While Pregnant

Hi Mommy, Welcome to PregnancyMommy. This time we will discuss about Can I Eat Pineapple Every Day While Pregnant, hopefully the article we wrote can be useful for Mommy.

Pineapple is full of fiber and important vitamins, so it seems like an ideal food for pregnancy. You may have heard that pineapple can stimulate contractions and lead to loss of pregnancy. When you're expecting, you may be wondering whether it is safe for you to eat pineapple.

"Pineapple is a nutritious, healthy, and safe food to consume while pregnant," said Shaista Waheed, MD, a Pakistan-based professor and gynecologist with 33 years of experience in the field. "Pineapple causing miscarriage is a myth [and there is] no scientific evidence to support it."

Pregnant women are usually advised not to eat pineapple during pregnancy to avoid the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. It turns out that the risk of eating pineapple while pregnant is more of a myth that there isn't much scientific evidence against.

Dr. Nupur Gupta, director of obstetrics and gynecology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, told Express Parenting, “Usually everyone, from family members to doctors, advises against eating pineapple while pregnant. Gynecologists still urge pregnant women not to eat pineapple as part of a myth immortalized by society. There is no scientific evidence that pineapples lead to either abortions or early labor. "

Is Pineapple Dangerous During Pregnancy?

Pineapple is completely safe during pregnancy. Old womens history has it that it is dangerous because it can lead to miscarriage, but in fact there is no scientific evidence for it at all.

Some people have stories of eating pineapple before they miscarry or go into labor, but statistically, many pregnant women eat pineapple easily every day.

That's not to say that there aren't any risks, especially if you eat a lot of pineapples. Some people have severe ulcers and heartburn from fresh pineapple, which means you may want to trade them in for canned pineapples in juice.

And a lot of pineapple, like any fruit, can cause diarrhea and stomach upset.

Benefits Of Pineapple

Pineapple is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water, all of which are wonderful for pregnant women:

  •     Vitamins B1 and B6, like all B vitamins, are essential for building our nervous system and maintaining our blood flow. This keeps our heart strong, helps our immune system protect us even during pregnancy, balances our moods, and eases morning sickness.
  •     Vitamin C is important for immunity too, as well as for strengthening the collagen which forms your and your baby’s skin, joints, and bones. One cup of pineapple has almost all the vitamin C you need in one day.
  •     Manganese, a key player in preventing osteoporosis, can be found in large quantities in pineapple.
  •     Iron and folic acid are highly recommended supplements during pregnancy, as having enough can prevent birth defects, as well as protects you against anemia. Fresh pineapple is rich in both of these nutrients.
  •     Copper, also essential for producing red blood cells, is found in small but noticeable amounts in pineapple.
  •     Fiber is present in very large quantities in both fresh and canned pineapple, helping prevent constipation and dehydration.
  •     Water and diuretics are both present in fresh and canned pineapple, helping you to rehydrate when dehydrated, but also helping you get rid of excess fluid in your legs and feet.
  •     Blood pressure issues can sometimes be eased by an enzyme called bromelain, which thins your blood and can lower your blood pressure.

Will Pineapple Help Me Start Labor?

It could, but you would really need to eat loads to manage this.

Test-tube experiments have found the amount of bromelain found in concentrated pineapple extract can stimulate the cervix, making you more likely to enter labor. Plus, many supplements with bromelain are forbidden during pregnancy, precisely for that reason.

So what is the unsafe amount of pineapple we would have to eat to equal a medically dangerous serving? One cup? One ring?

Nope. Up to eight whole, fresh, raw pineapples. Per day.

I’m not sure about you, but when I eat pineapple, I don’t usually eat a whole one, let alone up to eight whole fresh pineapples. The amount of bromelain found in a normal serving of pineapple, which is about a cupful, is nowhere near enough to start labor.

And if you are eating eight whole pineapples, you have other issues to worry about. For example, serious diarrhea and increased urination, which could cause uncomfortable cramping and dehydration. Neither are healthy when we are pregnant.

So the take-home message is that if you want to start labor, there are probably better methods to try than pineapples.

If you are still worried about eating pineapples because of bromelain you can stick to pineapple juice or canned pineapples since the processing of these removes almost all of the bromelain.

This is one of those old women’s stories that is completely puzzling to me as to how it caught on so quickly. We have eaten pineapples without any problems for centuries. They are literally just fruit. As long as we don't eat eight a day, we are safe.

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