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Can You Eat Fried Oysters While Pregnant

Can You Eat Fried Oysters While Pregnant

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Pregnancy cravings can manifest themselves in the strangest forms. Most pregnant women crave foods that they should avoid during pregnancy. It's no secret that oysters are incredibly tasty and a delicacy for most people. But are they safe to be consumed during pregnancy? Well there is only one way to find out. Pregnant women often wonder whether oysters are safe to eat during pregnancy as they are often eaten raw. The risks of food poisoning from oysters are well known, even for those who are not pregnant. As an oyster lover but careful, I have put together this in-depth guide to oysters while pregnant, including all the popular ways they are served and prepared, and whether or not they are safe.

Can I Eat Cooked Oysters During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women can eat oysters if they are fully cooked, because the heat will destroy most bacteria or toxins

So what does ‘fully cooked’ mean?

Below, I’ve listed the most common ‘cooked’ oyster dishes and methods, including tips for if you’re cooking oysters yourself at home during your pregnancy:

Fried Oysters – These are usually fully cooked (and therefore safe in pregnancy) as they’re breaded or battered, and then deep-fried. If you want to be super safe, cut the biggest one in half and check if its steaming hot in the center.
Bear in mind that this does add quite a bit of calories and fat, so it’s best to eat deep-fried foods in moderation when you’re pregnant.

Steamed Oysters – are safe to eat when pregnant if they’re fully cooked. The only thing to bear in mind is that big, fat plump oysters take longer, so check if the biggest ones are done all the way through by cutting into them – the middle should be steaming hot.

Canned Oysters are usually smoked (covered later in this article) or fresh/boiled. These are safe to eat when you’re pregnant because the oysters are cooked as part of the canning and sterilization process.
Chargrilled oysters get queried a lot as people wonder: are chargrilled oysters fully cooked? Most chargrilled oyster preparations, and those found in restaurants, ARE fully cooked and are therefore safe. If you’re not doing the cooking, check if the oysters are fully cooked rather than simply charred or ‘seared’ on the outside.

Oysters Rockefeller – usually safe for pregnant women and those wishing to eat cooked oysters, as the oysters are topped and baked until cooked . I’ve eaten the original recipe at Antoine’s in New Orleans and it was fully cooked – and delicious.

Oysters Kilpatrick – This involves broiling or grilling the oysters, usually to crisp up a bacon topping, so they can sometimes still be undercooked underneath. If you’re making oysters kilpatrick, follow the cooking guidelines for broiling below, and if not, just check they’re done under the topping.

Overall, pregnant women can eat oysters as long as they are well cooked and fresh. Eating raw or partially cooked oysters and other shellfish while pregnant is not recommended because pregnant women are more prone to infection, food poisoning, and allergies. If you have any other dietary concerns during pregnancy, it is best to check with your obstetrician.

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