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Is It Safe For a Pregnant Woman to Drive Long Distance

Is It Safe For a Pregnant Woman to Drive Long Distance

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For most women, it's second nature to wear seat belts when getting into a car or riding in the passenger seat. However, as you wait, you may doubt yourself as your bump grows and this belt continues to stretch and expand further ... and further.

While you may experience minor discomfort when using a seat belt later in pregnancy, make no mistake: the safest way for you and your baby to travel in the car is to buckle up. Consistent expert advice confirms that you should always wear your seat belts for all nine months. In fact, research shows that car accidents can increase the risk of premature birth and other complications.

So, once you've pulled the belt all the way out, the next step is to figure out how best to put it on and adjust the seat so you can drive and breathe at the same time. If you need help, learn more about how to drive safely while pregnant with a growing belly. Happy travels!

Is it safe to travel by car while pregnant?
If you always wear your seat belt while in the car, this transportation method is just as safe as it would be if you were not pregnant. However, it is wise to think about your due date if you are thinking about a longer trip. Women who have pregnancy complications or are at risk of having a premature birth may want to stay close to home and not travel long distances by car.

Is it safe to drive while pregnant?
Yes, it's safe to drive while pregnant as long as you always wear your seat belt every time you (uh, wedge) drive. What about the next most important task? Never, ever get distracted by driving. This bad habit includes driving while talking or texting on your cell phone, tuning in to radio stations, checking your GPS, applying makeup, eating or drinking.

Risks of Driving During Pregnancy

Nine and a half out of 10 times it is normal to drive during pregnancy. We're pretty sure the world would come to a complete standstill if pregnancy got in the way of getting behind the wheel.

But we have to be honest with you: there is an oddly higher risk associated with driving while pregnant compared to non-pregnant women. A 2014 study found that women were 42 percent more likely to have serious car accidents in the second trimester than non-pregnant women.

Yeah, only in the second trimester. In the first and third trimesters, the risks were the same as outside of pregnancy.

The increased risk also does not apply to pregnant women who travel in cars as passengers or engage in other physical activities often associated with injuries during pregnancy.

This begs the question - what's wrong with that ?!

Well, the study researchers haven't figured out why this is happening, although experts suggest pregnancy hormones are to blame (honestly, what's new?).

In the second trimester, these hormones often cause a host of distractions, such as fatigue and lack of sleep. And this can make you less alert while driving.

Is it safe to drive while pregnant? In most cases, yes - in a healthy pregnancy, driving is safe if you wear your seat belt correctly.

There are times when you should let someone else get behind the wheel or skip the ride altogether. But that's not the norm: if you can sit comfortably and safely in the driver's seat without worrying about distractions, malaise, or restricted movement, you're ready to cruise.

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