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Can I Eat Shrimp While Pregnant, Safe or Not?

Can I Eat Shrimp While Pregnant, Safe or Not?

Research has shown that ingesting high levels of mercury can have harmful effects on your baby, which is why many women do not eat seafood while pregnant. While it is good to be careful with your diet, there are a number of seafoods that are safe to consume, including shrimp. Shrimp are low in mercury, and they are low in fat and high in protein, making them a healthy choice for pregnant mothers.

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Pregnant seafood lovers may wonder if it is okay to keep eating their favorite seafood proteins, such as shrimp. If you're pregnant and want to add some surf to your lawn, we have great news! In addition to being safe, cooked shrimp are a nutrient-dense option

Eating Shrimp While Pregnant

It is perfectly safe to say yes to these garlic butter shrimp while pregnant. Sauteed, baked, grilled or chilled? It depends on you. Cooked shrimp are a nutritious protein that should be consumed during pregnancy.

It is high in vitamins B2 and B12, which are important for overall health during pregnancy. It also contains DHA, an omega-3 fat that is important for the health of the pregnant parents as well as the health of the baby.

Benefits of Eating Shrimp

Cooked shrimp have numerous health benefits. Not only are they low in mercury, along with freshwater trout, salmon, and sardines, but they're also high in omega-3 fatty acids, including docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which can aid your baby's brain development.

Katie Goldberg, MCN, RDN, LD, a pregnancy nutritionist, is a huge fan of seafood for pregnant women for a variety of nutritional and health reasons.

Shrimp are high in protein
Protein needs increase significantly during pregnancy, according to Goldberg, which is why some parents might try increasing their protein intake. "Shrimp are an excellent lean protein option during pregnancy, with about 20 grams of protein per 3 ounce of shrimp." This is great news for regular shrimp eaters. Not only can you continue to eat food that you are already enjoying, but you can also meet those increased protein needs during pregnancy. For people who don't already have shrimp, it can be easy to prepare and quick to cook.

Shrimp are high in iodine
Shrimp are also a great source of iodine, which Goldberg says plays a key role in thyroid hormones for both parents and babies.

Iodine is important for maternal and fetal thyroid hormone production. These hormones regulate the development of the fetal brain and nervous system6. Since the need for iodine increases significantly during pregnancy to ensure adequate supplies to the fetus, shrimp are an excellent way to meet this need.

Selenium in shrimp is beneficial
Shrimp offer many nutritional benefits, including providing selenium, which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. "The selenium found in shrimp can help reduce pregnancy complications, miscarriages, and preterm labor," says Goldberg. For pregnant shrimp lovers, this is an obvious plus.

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