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Can I Drink Robitussin While Pregnant

Can I Drink Robitussin While Pregnant

Every first time, a mother should be careful about what she eats during pregnancy. And there's a long list of things she shouldn't eat and medications she shouldn't take.

Arming yourself with the best resources and information will ensure that you and your baby remain protected throughout your pregnancy.

So what do you do when you are pregnant and sick?

There are medications that are approved by doctors to treat cough and cold symptoms.

Is Robitussin DM safe during pregnancy?

It is safe to take Robitussin DM during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Just ask your doctor first if you're still in your first trimester. Normally you don't have to go to the office for such a question. A phone call to the doctor's office should give you the information you need.

What's in Robitussin DM?

The main ingredients in Robitussin DM are well researched and tested. The active substances are “guaifenesin” and “dextromethorphan”. Guaifenesin is used to clear mucus and dextromethorphan to suppress coughing. An important note about drugs containing dextromethorphan and guaifenesin is that they are often combined with alcohol. Therefore, be sure to check the label or get confirmation from a pharmacist or your doctor before taking it.

What Are Other Safe OTC Drugs?

There are many uncomfortable things you can feel during pregnancy such as: B. Early pregnancy cramps, pregnancy headaches, and other symptoms that may be exacerbated during the first trimester.

Here are other OTC medications you can use throughout your pregnancy to help you deal with the ups and downs, according to Huey & Weprin:

  • Benadryl
  • Robitusin
  • mucinex
  • Tylenol
  • Cough drops (both menthol and non-menthol)
  • Salty nose drops

Along with these, you can also use Vick's VapoRub to soothe your cold and sinus problems.

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  1. 1teaspoon is enough to take every 6hrs?

    1. Adults and children 12 years of age and over: 2 teaspoonfuls every 4 hours, not to exceed 12 teaspoonfuls in a 24-hour period; children 6 to under 12 years: 1 teaspoonful every 4 hours, not to exceed 6 teaspoonfuls in a 24-hour period; children under 6 years: consult a doctor.