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7 Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy

7 Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy

The date palm is an ancient fruit species widely cultivated in countries in the Middle East and South Asia. They are dark in color, fleshy, and have a seed in the middle, giving them a sweet taste.

Dates are very well balanced in nutrients, making them a healthy snack during pregnancy. As they are a natural source of fructose, they do not easily increase blood sugar levels. Different types of dates are available, all to meet your healthy needs.

Read together to find out why dates are good for your health, especially during pregnancy.

Here are some nutrients from dates that are very important for pregnant women.

Potassium: This electrolyte helps maintain the balance of water and salt in the body.

Vitamin K: This is one of the main vitamins that babies are deficient in when they are born. By eating dates, you can get vitamin K ahead of your baby's first breath.

Fatty Acids: Fatty acids in their healthy form do an amazing job in fighting fatigue by conserving energy and dispensing throughout the day.

Calcium: During pregnancy, your body gets calcium for your baby. To keep your teeth and bones strong, it's important to get calcium because your body doesn't make it.

7 Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy

1. High Concentration of Antioxidants:
Compared to other fruits, dates have a much higher percentage of antioxidants. Antioxidants promote well-being of cell integrity. They help get rid of harmful radicals that affect cellular function.

Antioxidants found in dates include phenolic acids with potential anti-inflammatory properties. Reduces the chances of developing heart defects.

Carotenoids are another form of antioxidant found in dates. Helps prevent macular degeneration.

Dates contain flavonoids, another antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties. They are also known to reduce diabetes symptoms and prevent the possibility of developing brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

2. Prevents Irregular Bowel Movements.
During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone, which slows intestinal muscle contractions, increases. It leads to constipation and anxiety. Dates are rich in fiber, which can be very helpful for people suffering from conditions such as irregular bowel movements.

Studies have shown that consuming dates on a regular basis lowers the percentage of ammonia in the stool, which is indicative of efficient bowel movements.

3. Promote Healthy Brain Function.
It is widely known that brain cells do not regenerate. Any damage is irreversible. The presence of inflammatory markers such as IL-6 or interleukin 6 can lead to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Studies have shown that regular consumption of dates can lower IL-6 levels.

In vivo studies in rats have shown that regular consumption of dates may decrease amyloid beta protein activity, which may reduce the production of plaques that are seriously harmful to the brain.

Additionally, research shows that consuming dates improves memory and helps relieve anxiety or stress.

4. It Has Anti-Cancer Effect.
Glucans are compounds that have been shown to have antitumor properties in in-depth studies. These proteins have previously been found in other plant-based sources.

Dates contain a compound called beta D-glucan that promotes the body's anti-tumor activity. Thus, it reduces the possibility of the formation of cancer and benign tumors.

5. Promoting Natural Labor
Dates are made up of specific compounds that bind to receptors and mimic the effects of oxytocin while promoting healthy contractions during labor. These compounds also increase tolerance for pain during labor.

Consuming dates, especially during the second half of pregnancy, can make the delivery process easier. It increases the chances of natural labor. Studies have shown that eating dates may help reduce the pressure you put on while having a baby.

6. Reducing Diabetes Symptoms
Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions that reduce the body's ability to recover. It is recommended to include a few dates in your diet to avoid chronic diabetes.

There are several drugs that can be used to stimulate insulin production in the body, including artificially injecting insulin.

7. Promotes Healthier Kidney Function
The kidneys are one of the busiest organs in our body after the heart. They perform a variety of detoxifying functions.

Dates have properties that ensure healthier kidney function. Consuming dates can reduce excess plasma and creatinine in the kidneys and can easily reduce lesions caused by nerve malformations.

Here are some ways to consume dates during pregnancy.

As a natural dessert: Date palms can be eaten raw as a simple dessert. It can also be consumed with honey.

Smoothies: You can make a smoothie by mixing a few dates and a cup of yogurt in a blender.

Syrup form: You can make dates syrup by mixing a few dates with milk.

When you add dates to your diet, all the vitamins and nutrients can change the world during childbirth.

Whether eaten raw, dried, or used in savory dishes, it's an easy addition to your kitchen and its benefits. 

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